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9/21/14 07:58 pm - Brunch, Bubbles, and B!tches & Britches

Today featured three (3) social events. First, I attended the trad'l Sunday brunch w/G&M and ferociousbcycad, &c. at Redwood featuring good food & good company. Then 'twas off for a porch party (fajitas &c.) featuring Big Bubbles (see below). Finally, b!tches tried on britches at a Nekkid Lady Party. I got rid of more stuff than I returned home with, and'm pleased w/my new-to-me clothing items. Whee!

EDIT: This balances out yesterday. I got some good stuff done - cleared out my car entirely and cleaned it inside and out to boot plus spent a chunk o' time on good garden stuff in the hothotsun, but then collapsed on the couch w/cold beverages due to tootoomuchhothotsun, thereby missing all three (3) of yesterday's social events...sigh.

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9/8/14 11:09 pm - Balance Is Insufficient; Ending A Space/Chunk Of Time Together On A Positive Note Is Needful, Too

So, r-ships have their ups and downs. Overall the good should outweigh the bad, or it just ain't worth it. In addition to this balance though is the importance of the timing of positive instances and negative ones.

I think it works best for me if'n my final instance of a chunk o' togetherness w/someone is positive, or at least neutral. If'n there's been bad feelings/time together though, then neutral's insufficient for the final spot of time together and positive's required. Otherwise the hamster-wheel runs the negative stuff over and over again, which ain't good. Realizing this helps. Now to figure out how to make it so...

MiniEpiphany for the win!

8/29/14 11:17 pm - I Went to the Beach

It was fun, and pretty, too.

Cannon Beach, OR

8/20/14 09:56 pm - Touring Columbia Gorge w/Dear Friends

Lovely day of waterfalls & views & whatnot. Pics Here.

In short, we enjoyed:

- PDX Women's Forum aka Chanticleer Point viewpoint
- Vista House aka Crown Point viewpoint & gift shop
- Latourell Falls (hike to falls/bridge)
- Shephard's Dell (hike to falls)
- Bridal Falls (hike to falls)
- Wahkeena Falls (hike to bench just past falls & rock-piling)
- Multnomah Falls (late lunch at lodge - elk burger - & gift shop & walk to viewing area)
- Horsetail Falls (view from car)

8/5/14 09:10 am - Poly In The News

7/13/14 10:33 pm - One (1) Year Later

Well, one year and a few days now. Escrow closed on Hive Magnum, I got the keys, and spent the first night here on an inflatable bed back on July 10, 2013. Very exciting! Didn't move in 'til October 2013, but've been happy here since then. Making HM more and more mi casa each week. Had folks over today to watch TV for the first time (new digital antenna for the win): World Cup Finals on ABC. Still don't have cable, but can now watch network stuff (along w/a fine sampling of PBS stations, home shopping networks, &c.)

Polished off a bottle of nice wine this eve w/Dear Friend LR who's been mostly gone for the past yearplus, despite owning a house approx 2 miles from here. We caught up muchly, laughed lots, and're now down for the count. She's upstairs in the guest bed, as has happened so many times before. I do so lurv having space for folks to stay over if need be.

Heading to zzzz myself now...

7/5/14 01:41 am - Not As Expected

Finding myself in a bit of a funk(y mood). It's late and I'm really not sure why I'm up now. Things aren't working out as expected/anticipated this weekend. Feeling at a bit of a loss right now. Exhaustion may account for at least some of it. Hoping to get to sleep before long.
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7/3/14 08:38 pm - June Recap

So, June happened. It's all a bit of a blur now. It began poorly, w/jaylake dying in front of me early AM on June 1. The following week I was an utter wreck. The memorial service that next weekend was really nice and helped me start returning to some version of normal. Needing to reconnect w/folks, I opted to head up to WA the following weekend where I got to spend some good time w/some Dear Friends. Then there was a wedding celebration for a couple Dear Friends which took much of a week w/house guests and associated activities. The long weekend after that aka last Th-Tu I spent in SoCal for more good visits. I returned on July 1. Phew!

July 2's highlight was enjoying (very much) a fine dinner at Higgins followed by Steely Dan in concert. Today featured lotsa driving sandwiching a delightful afternoon at Breitenbush w/another Dear Friend who'd I'd not seen nearly enough of in well over a year. Now that's changing...phew!

It's Summertime and my backyard's a riot of color, both from what I've planted and what's leftover from the previous owner. In other week I'll celebrate one year of home ownership. Wowzie.

6/23/14 11:34 pm - Really Good, If Exhausting, Times

Houseful of house-guests. Celebration of *Dear Friends' wedding/marriage/togetherness & love. Shuttling & showing off PDX. Exhausted, but in such a great way. Zzzzz now. Going Coastal o'morrow for a picnic, then returning in time for Pagan Tuesday at Ford Food & Drink (6:30-8:30pm free Pagan Jug Band show).

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6/10/14 07:40 pm - One Day At A Time

Yeah, I know I declared myself a non-fan of ODAAT, but apparently today it's how I'm wired. Yesterday was good, but exhausting. I enjoyed 4 different social get-togethers, plus emptied 5 of the 10 boxes of carp from the upstairs dorm room.

Despite what should've been plenty of sleep (11-7), I've felt exhausted all day today. Managed to get a bit done (laundry, taking car in for oil change &c., picking up CD for a friend's wedding, burnt mem'l svc pics to CD, blahblahblah), but've also napped lots. A friend's over, but we're napping in between catching up and chatting and getting food. The take-away lesson: apparently emotional overwhelm's tiring.
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